Tuesday, August 14, 2007

But I don't want to go to school!

I have been pretty busy with school and homework. So, I haven't had anything to blog about, or time to blog.So I'll blog about school. School is hard! A lot of homework!!! My periods are religion,english,science,pre algebra,art,reading, and world region. My favorite periods are art and science. Man, we have to rush to our next class or get a tardy slip. My locker is soooo small too! Its really full. We also need a lot of school supplies. Thats all so far.


CNMI Blogger said...

I know what you mean, Hope. Going to a new school is always a little scary and taking on tougher courses is always challenging. But, you know what? I know you and I know that you're going to be okay. Trust me on this. You will look back on this a few weeks from now and say, "That wasn't so bad after all!"

You're extremely bright and talented and you're a go-getter. Show everyone that you're not only a beauty queen, but you've got the brains to back up your external and internal beauty. Besides, you are a Beautify CNMI! leader.

I hope that when things settle down for you -- and they will -- you will take the lead in starting up the youth chapter of Beautify CNMI at your school. Take it one day at a time, Young Leader!
Love ya!
Rep. Cinta

Hope said...

Thanks i'm sure things will clear up for me. Thanks for the support.

aaaaaa said...

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