Saturday, July 28, 2007

Son of a blogger

Hey Tony, whatever happened to your blog my brother??? I always check for something new, something new, c'mon. Crossing my fingers, there's always nothing there. You said people don't read your blog but they love it. We all wanna hear your thoughts! Right guys? So please return to the blogosphere.

Saipan's best blog

Here's what I think about the Saipan's best blog poll. I think its ridiculous. Everyones blog is the best!!! My mom and Angelo are pretty competitive. Angelo took my mom off his link list, and go to my mom's blog and you'll see what I mean. I was thinking about putting the poll on but no way. I wish this thing will be over with soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


My trip to Guam was a blast! The plane ride sucked though. I loved the chamorro chip cookies!!! All day we went shopping to Wal-mart, Ross, and both Navy & Airforce bases. ( That happened to be like 30 minutes away from each other.) I was soooo exhausted. I wanted to put pictures, but we don't know how our new camera downloads pics. So... on with my story. We went out alot, to food courts mostly for lunch and dinner. I LOVED having breakfast at Denny's and Kings. One of my favorite experiences there was at FUN-TASTIC-PARK. I rode the bumper cars. :) That was fun. What sucked was the first try there was only one kid who didn't know how to play. So I just drove around. Oh, and Spongebob, Dora, and Patrick were at the food court too. Man, it was massively packed. I'm serious it wasn't even worth it. They come out, wave and shake. Then, its over. I'm glad me and my mom got to spend some valuable time with each other. It was great. We also spent a little time before we left with my uncle John and Auntie Ress and had beakfast with my uncle Peter. Man, we took a lot of pictures. I really wish I could show you, maybe like later if my mom ever finds out how to do it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rikel Taro

Here's a recent picture of me
Hey if your reading this congrats! You found my blog! I just wanna say I miss you so much and come home and visit. Comment so I know you read this. Remember i'll be expecting your call. Everything is great here and we miss you!

My birthday!!!

Ok i'm gonna be twelve soon. That means I can ride in the front seat. FINALLY! It probably sounds weird i'm excited about it but after all these years of having to ride in the back seat with my sisters I am relieved I can ride in the front. Oh, yeah only if my brother isn't there or i'm riding with both parents. Anyways i'm going to Guam with my mom and my A'bet. That should be

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am so JEALOUS!!!

My mom saw Dog the bounty hunter in Hawaii. She is so lucky. That is so awesome!!! I wish she got an autograph but he was working. Here are the pictures...Da kine bail bonds
Dog in his office. See him???

Dog's car

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Since my mom tagged EVERYONE in the blogosphere I guess I can do it.
Here goes...
1. Last restaurant I went to: Diamond Chinese
2. Last tv program I watched: Drake and Josh
3. Last blog I visited: My mom's
4. Last place I went to: Garapan School
5. Last kind of food I ate: Cereal
6. Last movie I watched: High school musical
7. Last song I listened to: Big Girls Don't Cry
8. Last person I called: My dad

What now???

Ok, my mom is going to Hawaii for some kind of conference, she's taking her laptop with her. This will probably be the last time for a week I will make a post. (Unless my dad lets me use his computer.) I hope! Anyways, what will I do for fun? I need advice! I'm always stuck at home with the tv. I'm always tempted to stay there all day just watching tv. AHHH. So, if you have any advice, PLEASE HELP. Thanks.
Oh, no

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Liberation day

My family and I had a nice 4th of July this year. Our location was in front of Flor's beauty salon. It was great! While we were waiting for the parade to start. (3 hours!) We could even go inside the shop if we wanted. It was relaxing. The parade was fun. IT WAS SO HOT THOUGH. I saw Mylene there!!! She was one of the brown tree snake girls. When she saw me she came out of the parade and hugged me. Thanks Mylene!Me reading a magazine
Sommer getting her hair done
Me and Mylene :)
Just call 28-snake!
The other pictures couldn't upload. Sorry:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This is Mylene Balisalisa. A friend I met at camp. She is great. Love ya Mylene your the best and don't forget to comment!!! MISS YOU!

Day at the beach

Sunday we spent a day at Micro beach and finally had some family time. We swam, got some drinks, and had dinner at Oleai's. It was really nice. I'm glad I spent that day with family. Here are some pictures of our day there.

Pictures from Managaha and planting trees at American Memorial Park ( That I stole) =)

I know these are a little late, but thats my fault. There are alot of other pictures but these are my favorite.