Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fathers day BBQ

This Fathers Day was not how I imagined. Dad not being here. He was probably in the jungle for drill somewhere in North Carolina. We love you and miss you daddy! Come home soon, we'll be waiting. Thanks for everything. I'm so blessed to have a dad like you who is responsible, loving, & really cool. This Sunday, was really nice though. We had a BBQ with my grandpa, grandma Glen, auntie Yvette, Jakie, Jose, and Savannah.

Me and Savannah. She is soooo cute!!!
Jakie & Grandpa
I want more coconuts Grandpa!
Isa, Pey Pey, and Sommy cooling off before lunch

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Hey Hope. You're related to Jake Reyes? COOL! Jake & I are really good friends! Tell him I say Hi and I miss him the next time you see him k? Well alright, see you tomorrow!