Monday, June 25, 2007

My best friends
I'm writing about all my best friends because they are the best to me, and I might not see them next year. My best friends always make things a lot easier. I am so glad that we're there for each other.
Audrey is always there to hang out with.
Akieva is lots of fun to talk about anything, always there if you need a hand. Forgiving.
Bonnie is a great BFFL! You can talk to her anytime and share your secrets.
Acha is always good fun to have around.
Zalika is like my sister. I love hanging out and doing girl stuff.


Shazam said...

Hi Hope! This is Shazam saying we like your blg. Tell all of your BFF's hi from us! Crosby's e-mail is and Maddie is Let's keep in touch.

yvonnalynn Salalila said...

hey hope it's YVONNALYNN SALALILA well just want to say thanx for putting me in your blog it's so cool love it!!well your the best BFFl so please don't deny..tell your family i said hi..WELL TAKE CARE..LOVE YAH..