Thursday, July 26, 2007


My trip to Guam was a blast! The plane ride sucked though. I loved the chamorro chip cookies!!! All day we went shopping to Wal-mart, Ross, and both Navy & Airforce bases. ( That happened to be like 30 minutes away from each other.) I was soooo exhausted. I wanted to put pictures, but we don't know how our new camera downloads pics. So... on with my story. We went out alot, to food courts mostly for lunch and dinner. I LOVED having breakfast at Denny's and Kings. One of my favorite experiences there was at FUN-TASTIC-PARK. I rode the bumper cars. :) That was fun. What sucked was the first try there was only one kid who didn't know how to play. So I just drove around. Oh, and Spongebob, Dora, and Patrick were at the food court too. Man, it was massively packed. I'm serious it wasn't even worth it. They come out, wave and shake. Then, its over. I'm glad me and my mom got to spend some valuable time with each other. It was great. We also spent a little time before we left with my uncle John and Auntie Ress and had beakfast with my uncle Peter. Man, we took a lot of pictures. I really wish I could show you, maybe like later if my mom ever finds out how to do it.



Finally, you're back from Guam. Hope, can you come to our campout? Check my blog for details. It's tomorrow. hope you can make it! Miss you.

BoReGo said...

Hey I don't know Mylene, I wanna see you, but like I don't think my mom will say yes.